The Characters

David Bawden (Pope Michael I)

David Bawden

The "Pope Michael" of the title, David Bawden was elected by 6 people to be pope in 1990, in Bellevue, Kansas. He lives with his mother (his father is deceased, although he voted in the election) in Delia, Kansas - about 20 miles outside of Topeka. Since his election in 1990, Bawden has been working on getting the word out through the internet and in print.

Clara "Tickie" Bawden

Tickie Bawden

Tickie Bawden is David Bawden's mother, and lives with him in Delia. She was one of the six people to take part in his election in 1990, and is an ardent supporter.

Phil Friedl

Phil Friedl

The first seminarian to arrive, Phil is 23 years old and from a suburb of Chicago. He discovered Bawden on the internet, and corresponded with him until he decided to come live in Delia with the Bawdens in October 2008. He acts as Bawden's papal secretary, and wrote a book in late 2009 on the history of the Catholic church.

Professor Tim Miller

Tim Miller

A professor of Religious Studies at Kansas University, Miller has followed Bawden since his election, and invited him to speak at the presentation at KU that appears in the documentary.